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by Rick Watson on 98 Gold WIBN

iI think you station is the greatest brings back a lot of great memories.The only thing, why does it sometimes it will go into a dead air sometime.for 2-3 hours at a time. its the only station i listen to and will continue to listen to, keep letting the good times roll.

We have had some equipment issues of late, we are working to get these fixed. Thanks for sticking with us! - Matt

by Larry V. on 98 Gold WIBN

Just wanted to say that I was at the Relay for Life Saturday and i thought Matt did a great job. He did more than just read the tributes during the relay, you could hear feeling and respect in the way he delivered the words. Also, as a veteran I was inspired by how he removed his hat, placed his hand over his heart and kept his eyes on the flag during the anthem. He was one of the few that sought out the flag in the corner of the gym. Thanks again for a great job!

Thanks for those kind words Larry. I have a very active military family and always try to respect our flag. Thanks for the nice words on my reading, it was for a great cause. - Matt

by Johnny Y on 98 Gold WIBN

Start every weekday morning with Marvlous Matt, and pretty much listen the rest of the day too. All the radio peeps are great, A repair part if the transmitter acts up again.http://www.oreillyauto.com/flux-capacitor.html

Thanks for the advice!!

by Coach B on 98 Gold WIBN

Wish you had your playlist somewhere on your website. I am near Paris, Illinois and travelling when I happened upon your station over the air. Heard a song you broadcast but idk the title; got home to look it up but couldn't find it here. You are playing great songs tonight, I'll be back.

by Brenda Cruz on 98 Gold WIBN

I start my day with Marvlous Matt every weekday! Weekends are just as good. Love the oldies! I even have my Grandchildren listening,too! Keep up the Great Job!


by Shirley Davis on 98 Gold WIBN
love it!!!!!

I really love Marvelous Matt in the morning!!!! He does a great job of mixing up the music and i love his special features, I always learn something new!

Thanks! Glad you enjoy the show! - Matt

by JEFF D on 98 Gold WIBN
i like it!

I always cringe this time of year when stations start playing Christmas tunes. It's usually the same old same old. I like how Matt plays ones i haven't heard before. Really cool to hear these forgotten holiday songs!

Glad you like them! ~ Matt

by Ted Mann on 98 Gold WIBN

Great station. Plays all the good 60s 70s music.

by JOHN on 98 Gold WIBN

Just wanted to say that I discovered your station a few months ago while trolling the dial. I was surprised at the morning show. This guy has some knowledge and goes to lengths to entertain. Most stations just play the same old tunes and don't offer much in the way of information on artists or songs. I love the forgotten 45 and the oldies news. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it!

by Carol on 98 Gold WIBN

Wibn is my go to station.....love all the dj's....love the bargain show on Saturday mornings. What a great station!


by Dan on 98 Gold WIBN
Good stuff

Been listening to 98.1 for quite a few years now, from beginning I guess. I really like Maggie B. She has added and excitement to the broadcasting that I haven't heard since the 60s. Good old am radio in its hay day. Reminds me a lot of that.Thanks

by John K. on 98 Gold WIBN

I just want to say that I really like the morning show. I love the information Matt gives about the songs and all the features. You just don't hear radio like that much anymore. The oldies news is really cool. He obviously puts a lot of effort into what he does and loves his job. Keep Rocking!!

I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you so much! - Matt

by Louise on 98 Gold WIBN

Had a great time at the Rosewalk Commons open house! We enjoyed chatting with Marvelous Matt and Maggie. They were both very nice and are great people! Thanks for the T-shirt and we love your station!

Thanks for coming by! You're great people too!

by Thomas on 98 Gold WIBN

Why bother with any other station

by Gert on 98 Gold WIBN
Excellent Music!

I love the music in the morning. Some of the tunes I have not heard in years! I have been a WASK listener for years, but I found you guys earlier this year and have not looked back! Matt sounds like he is having so much fun. Maggie is so upbeat in the afternoon, makes the last bit of my workday fly by! Thanks guys!!!!!1

Thank you for such kind words. The listeners are what make our job fun. We love you guys!!
-Matt and Maggie

by Dottie on 98 Gold WIBN

Love the oldies Love this station and all the DJ"s

by Katrina on 98 Gold WIBN

Thanks for the prize! I think it is so cool that Matt sends a letter with the prize and I loved his little cartoon drawing! That makes it so much more personal. I have never seen a station do that. Thanks again!

You are very welcome. I appreciate you listening and the letter is the least I can do. - Matt

by Dorothy on 98 Gold WIBN
Great music

Love the oldies love this station

by Jayce on 98 Gold WIBN
Request Show

I love the request hour in the morning. I love "Festus" who calls in with the wacky requests! Always makes me laugh to hear Matt talk to him and the requests he makes always make me laugh.

He is one of a kind that is for sure! -Matt

by Gina on 98 Gold WIBN

I love Marvelous Matt in the morning! The forgotten 45 is so cool. How does he find these? The oldies news is so interesting too. Maggie is so perky and sounds like a fun person! I love her sports report. You guys are great!!!!!

Thanks for the kind words! I collect music, that's where the 45 comes from. - Matt

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